Summer Time Movies

There are some movies coming out this summer that I really want to see. The first is Iron Man, and also Hellboy II. I am a fan of most Guillermo del Toro movies. I'm sure there are some others but I can't remember what they are right now. Speaking of movies, I watched Alien vs. Predator II, which sucked, this weekend. I mean really, why would anyone expect this movie to be any good anyway? The weekend before, I saw There Will Be Blood, and I must say I was kind of disappointed by that as well. I did see a good zombie movie from 1974 called Let Sleeping Corpses Lie. It is a unheralded yet critically-acclaimed (at least as far as the genre goes) Spanish film, shot in England, that sort of marked the transition from the classics (in b/w) Night of the Living Dead to (in color) Dawn of the Dead. I know this only because I have a cool book all about zombie movies.

Here is a site run by some friends of ours where you can buy homemade soap and junk like that. Jennifer traded for some a while back, and it's really good.


Scott Smith said...

I'm not familiar with the Hellboy series but I definitely want to see Iron Man.

Want to see a really good bad movie?? Check out Rawhead Rex. I saw it years ago and couldn't believe how perfectly awful it was. It was a classic bad movie.

joey said...

Yeh - it was always on the Sci-fi channel a while back. Let me know if you're interested in going to Iron man.