Kheper aegyptiorum

The whole tone of this post sounds more like something Jen would write on her blog (because it's about the kids, and speaks in that matter-of-fact-aren't-they-so-cute tone I usually abhor) but I must say that Quaid is a chip off the old block.

At dinner the other day, Jen was asking all of us to make some resolutions or state things about ourselves that we were going to try and work on. Completely missing the point (or making a mockery of the whole affair, I prefer to think) Quaid announced that he was resolved to doing research on dung beetles. Now clearly this is something straight out of my own playbook. Actually, the dung beetle is quite fascinating (and cute). I helped him research them on the Internet, and he's giving a show-and-tell talk about them tomorrow.

Hail to the dung beatle!


Summer Time Movies

There are some movies coming out this summer that I really want to see. The first is Iron Man, and also Hellboy II. I am a fan of most Guillermo del Toro movies. I'm sure there are some others but I can't remember what they are right now. Speaking of movies, I watched Alien vs. Predator II, which sucked, this weekend. I mean really, why would anyone expect this movie to be any good anyway? The weekend before, I saw There Will Be Blood, and I must say I was kind of disappointed by that as well. I did see a good zombie movie from 1974 called Let Sleeping Corpses Lie. It is a unheralded yet critically-acclaimed (at least as far as the genre goes) Spanish film, shot in England, that sort of marked the transition from the classics (in b/w) Night of the Living Dead to (in color) Dawn of the Dead. I know this only because I have a cool book all about zombie movies.

Here is a site run by some friends of ours where you can buy homemade soap and junk like that. Jennifer traded for some a while back, and it's really good.


Polygamists Make Their Own Fashion Statement

I thought this article featuring the weird polygamist women was kind of interesting. I thought the part about how the clothing is "stitched with special markings to protect the body and to remind you of your commitment" was pretty good. That got me thinking about some exhibit or something I saw once that featured medieval chastity belts, which featured all assortments of spikes, teeth and other bizarre implements of deterrence. I did a brief search for a site that might contain a photo gallery of such devices, but didn't really have any luck. In doing so, however, I did learn that apparently there is still a large contemporary market for such devices.

And I also came across this headline: "Woman's Chastity Belt sets off Airport Security Alarm"


Men Who Look Like Kenny Rogers

I had a meeting the other day at work with a guy who looked a lot like Kenny Rogers and it reminded me again of this site. Actually, I think an old boss of mine would qualify for this as well.

No More Artie??

I havn't been listening lately, so I was very saddened to learn that Artie may have left the Howard Stern show for good. I can't imagine it was a bit or something - the show won't be the same without him.


The Hold Steady

I am becoming more and more convinced this is one of the best bands around now-a-days.