Improve Everywhere

I had heard of this but had no idea how cool some of these pranks were until I got to watch an episode of the Showtime version of this American Life the other night on my computer. They gave this band the "best gig of their life," and of course the dudes in the band had no idea what was going on. Check out the Mission Highlights on their website. The Frozen Grand Central is hilarious.


You know, this woman just cannot catch a break.

Roller Boogie

Sometimes I still can't beleive they made movies like this..

Lark and Key

I guess the upside of having inadvertently deleted my blog is that, since I've principally run out of things to say, I can re-post things I did before and no one will ever know.

By the way, check dude's paintings here. I'd love to have any of these, but they're way out of our range.



By accident, of course. I was trying to delete my Rosgen Blog and, oh well..Anyway, you get the picture. Two years of stuff down the drain.

It's going to take me a while to get it back like it was.