At Starbucks, I always get a large iced coffee with an espresso shot. I love to make them at home on the weekends, too. I am usually the first one up around here on the weekends. Well, let me take that back. Maybe the kids are up first - but they're generally sequestered in front of cartoons, which gives me an opportunity to make very strong iced coffee with splenda and half-and-half, and read the paper in the kitchen. It's just great.


9-11 Conspiracy Theorists

I saw a short film the other day about how 9-11 was really perpetrated by the government.

I must say, I am amazed, I mean really AMAZED at the shear stupidity of a good deal of the American population. I know we all want to believe in shadowy conspiracy theories and things like that, but when 30 percent of the country thinks the trade center buildings were brought down by controlled explosions, it makes me think we have no business being a world super-power. The events that unfolded on 9-11 have been among the most-extensively studied in history. So apparently, this conspiracy involves thousands of people, including just about everyone in the media, and apparently Al Qaeda as well, who claimed credit for the attacks. This is a government that can't manage to get its approval ratings out of the toilet, and yet is able to pull off a conspiracy on a scale never before witnessed in the course of human history??

Don't tell me our government is capable of pulling something like this off. No they're not. I think I'll have finally found one argument I can win.