4-Day Work Week

I am really pushing hard for this at work. I could deal with four ten-hour days or just working from home one day a week. Trouble is, I work at a place where they seem to value face time. Not so bad if you live close, but it sucks when you have damn-near a 60-mile round trip every day.

I am loving the fact that the American automotive industry is going down the tank. They've been stubbornly producing these gas-guzzling behemoths for years, and it's finally caught up with them.

Put a few less stupid commercials on TV and give us something that gets decent mileage for God's sake!


Scott Smith said...

Good luck. I'd like to do that too. I worked from home for about a year when we lived in CA. It was great, but I was home alone during the day. Not sure I could get any work done now w/ the kids running around & raising hell.

Jen Mecca said...

Hey......why is'nt there ever a new post on here?????

RDW said...

You'd be surprised at how much work can be done with screaming kids around. Our three know when I am working and initiate minimal disruptions when the work laptop is up and running.

Heck, often I get more work done with them running around than I can accomplish in the office given co-worker and telephone interruption!

And Jen is right...Time for more posts, Joey! (though I haven't posted to my own blog since May...)

Scott Smith said...

You might be onto something there... if the kids are driving you bonkers - just pull out the laptop and pretend you're working!