At Starbucks, I always get a large iced coffee with an espresso shot. I love to make them at home on the weekends, too. I am usually the first one up around here on the weekends. Well, let me take that back. Maybe the kids are up first - but they're generally sequestered in front of cartoons, which gives me an opportunity to make very strong iced coffee with splenda and half-and-half, and read the paper in the kitchen. It's just great.


RDW said...

Splenda and half-and-half? Didn't you used to always take your coffee black? What happened?

joey said...

No no Daniel - that was you as I recall.

One thing we can at least say from our Jarvis Street days -we were into coffee long before coffee was cool!

matt said...

I used to just add sugar, now I like it black

Scott Smith said...

You can't drink iced coffee black.

I haven't made iced coffee in ages. I need to go get some espresso beans. Thanks for the reminder.