When Candidates Attack

I just got through watching an interview with John McCain on 60 Minutes. I guess he's the lesser of all evils on the REpublican side - but I don't plan on switching my vote for whoever wins on the Democratic side. And I am still really enjoying the Hillary-Obama slugfest. I think most people are lying when they say the want a clean campaign. I just want entertainment - and the more they fight, the more I'm entertained.


Matt said...

Whats the average IQ of an American? Whats the lowest common
denominator on sex, race and gender? Now take the stats on each category and the historic number of voters in each category. That may determine our next President.
{But I really think that records will be broken on turn out and so will voting machines}
Of course the popular vote doesn't mean shit(isn't that convenient)

Wine: Keiken Malbec--very good

Scott Smith said...

Dude, I don't get you voting for McCain. You are way too liberal to be a republican.

It may give me an ulcer but it will be interesting to see how this election turns out.

I agree about the popular vote not really meaning anything. Why the are the candidates always telling people to get out & vote?? It obviously doesn't matter. They should just wine & dine the electoral college on a ski trip to Switzerland and spare the rest of us the bullshit. This whole Florida & Michigan thing just pisses me off. If I lived in one of those states, I think I would sue the DNC.